Teleste is an international technology company that offers an integrated product and service portfolio that makes it possible to build and run a better networked society.

Teleste is listed on Nasdaq Helsinki in the Technology sector and is quoted in the small cap segment. Trading code TLT1V. The company shares are included in the book-entry securities system. The company has one series of shares. In Annual General Meeting each share carries one vote and confers an equal right to a dividend.

On 31 December 2021 Teleste´s registered share capital stood at EUR 6,966,932.80 divided in 18,985,588 shares.

Net sales, M€
(2020; 145.0)
Adjusted operating result, M€
(2020; 5.1))
Earnings per share, €
(2020: 0.16)
Orders received, M€
(2020; 148.8)
Dividend, € board proposal
(2020; 0.12) *