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Rapid growth in urbanisation and accelerating environmental concerns mean that public transport operators and their technology providers need to find ways to provide increasingly efficient, safe and sustainable transport infrastructures and services. There is a growing need for intelligent passenger information systems, as well as for solutions to provide operational control and safety in public places. Even as the daily ridership and traffic volumes are increasing, passengers are expecting to navigate through the public transport system smoothly and safely, utilising technologies that are good for the environment.

Framing future mobility

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Digital technologies drive engaging passenger experience

Urban mobility is rapidly going ahead. The challenge for public transport is how to grow with the changing demands and create services that attract today’s passengers. Our digital technologies enable bundling of transportation services to users and provide better ridership through a smart and integrated information management platform. You can create attractive passenger services from door to door, and our modern system can also help provide extra streams of revenue through advertising and technology collaborations.

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How can transit operators tackle COVID-19 challenges?

The COVID-19 pandemic caused a massive drop in ridership and as a result, public transport operators have been struggling. Fortunately there are tools that operators can use to restore passengers’ confidence in their services, says Michael O’Dea in his blog.

Efficient and integrated mobility ecosystems

Operating city- and even country-wide mobility ecosystems requires managing different transport modes, fleets and people flow in real-time. To make this possible, our solutions are designed for efficient and reliable integration and delivery of information from across your entire infrastructure to your operating personnel as well as passengers. We can help you ensure that accurate and up-to-date information is available when and where needed, and our open interfaces guarantee that your transport services will be able to evolve alongside the changing global mobility needs.

Towards sustainable, greener future

The way we move around has a potential to improve the lives and living environments of billions of people. In order for public transport to succeed in the task, it must built on technologies that drive a more sustainable future through innovation, research and product development. At Teleste, our mission is to provide customers with systems and products that support environmental responsibility and safety, and are designed for long-term use. We do not want our products to break at early phase and become a burden on the planet. Our experts and professionals are at your service for the entire lifetime of your Teleste solution.

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